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ADO Challenge 18/07/2009

Posted by rama in Mamis, Mamis em projecto, Mamis no mundo.
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 Há uns dias soube de uma iniciativa fantástica. A Art Dolls Only lançou um desafio: criar uma boneca sob o tema «Os quatro elementos». Aqui vai a explicação:

Your inspiration is the elements, and we challenge you to make a art doll using one, two, three, or all four of the elements as your inspiration. On Friday July 17th participants post their art doll to their blog.Saturday July 18th and Sunday July 19th begins the fun of seeing all the art dolls that have been created! All participants will be listed in the ADO sidebar for easy visiting.Any and all artists are welcome to participate, including non members.Here is your chance to explore the wonderful world of art dolls, first time doll maker, old hat, or have not created in while, all are welcome to join in on the fun!

Decidi participar. A ideia pareceu-me genial e irresistível.

A Mami Madeleine é a minha resposta ao ADO Challenge.

Elemento: AR.

Todo o projecto aqui.







Vejam as outras propostas: Alena Eliseeva, Archethypal Theatre, Catherine Coyle, Christina Christidou,  Cody Goodin, Drycha, Du Buh Du, Las Noches, PieCake PrimitivesThe Wonderful Place… mais no site da ADO, na barra lateral.



1. Vespinha - 25/07/2009

Menina, toca a «alimentar» o blog, que isto é proibido estar mais de uma semana sem postar! 😉

rama - 26/07/2009

que exigente!! vais ser a culpada do post de hoje!!

Vespinha - 28/07/2009

Vês? Uma ferroadazinha não te custou nada…

2. Catherine Coyle - 24/07/2009

I Love your doll, and your inspirations! great Ideas! I love the way she floats in the air!! Wonderful!! Hugs

3. Trolineke - 22/07/2009

She is nice and the beautiful clothes.
beautiful balloon and good idea for the air

4. Christina - 20/07/2009

your doll is amazing! i love everything about her. and the pictures you took of her are great as well.

5. Bonnie Lee Fontaine - 20/07/2009

Such a wonderful interpretation! I would love to fly along with her. It is such a fun and joyous piece. I love your illustrative style. :o)

6. Christine - 20/07/2009

She is wonderful!! Wow~her dress and face so beautifully crafted and your balloon came out great (it’s not easy to make those)! Glad that you are apart of the ADO challenge~well done:)

7. Tracey - 19/07/2009

She is wonderful…love the idea …beautiful x

8. Knot By Gran'ma - 19/07/2009

This is a wonderful doll… so full of whimsy. Great job!

9. j.str. - 18/07/2009

wonderful idea! what a lovely creature!

10. Las Noches - 18/07/2009

I love the representation you did of air

11. Sarah - 18/07/2009

Hi-not sure if my comment registered or not so here is another one! Your doll is beautiful and I love how you interpreted ‘air’

12. Romona - 18/07/2009

Wonderful execution of the theme. You’ve done a great job of creating your vision of her from the pictures….Romona

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